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    Stop starting of JBoss when naming relevant ports already in

    sven pfeiffer Newbie


      I have the following Problem, we have an application running in a JBoss 3.2.3 Application Server.
      Our clients are communicating with the EJBs using the default ports (1098,1099).

      It occured the sometimes these ports are already an use and so the naming services can't be started, or at least they are not reachable from outside JBoss.

      Changing the ports to different numbers seemed to help at first, but from time to time these other ports are also already in use.

      Of course it is not a big problem to tell our customers how to handle this (shut down JBoss, find out which process blocks the port and kill it and start jboss again, or simply reboot), but the problem is the users might not know the problem occur. After rebooting they check whether the web-application is running (and it is) and so they assume everything is alright.

      So, long story, short question:
      is it possible to prevent JBoss from starting when any of these ports are already in use?

      Thanks in advance


      PS: sorry if this post is in the wrong forum, I wasn't sure whether to post in configuration or here :)