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    Deploying EJBs with same name in different application JARs

    Maurice Coyle Newbie

      We are attempting to deploy entity beans with the same name in 2 different EJB application jars on jboss 3.2.5. One bean is an extension of the other, so some of the DB columns they refer to are the same (they access different DB tables in different tablespaces). However, the field names corresponding to these DB columns in the beans themselves are different (i.e. DB column serviceid is associated with the field serviceid in one bean and service_id in the other).

      We have altered jboss.xml for one of the EJB applications so that the jndi-name used to access that application's bean is different to the jndi-name used to access the entity bean in the other EJB jar.

      However, when we attempt to deploy both jar files on the same jboss server, one of the applications deploys successfully and when we deploy the other, we get EJB spec violation errors, such as the following:

      14:18:34,631 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : CommunityAddress
      Section: 10.6.2
      Warning: The entity bean class must define a get accessor for each CMP field.
      Info : Field: service_id

      I'm presuming that this is because the bean which references the serviceid DB column with a field called serviceid is being mixed up with the other bean, which has a service_id field.

      Can anyone tell me if there is anything else that is required to get entity beans/EJBs in different applications but with the same names (and some overlapping fields, etc) deployed successfully on the same jboss server apart from editing jboss.xml for one of the applications?

      Is this a jbosscmp-jdbc.xml issue?

      Any help much appreciated,