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    JNDI datasource lookup returns null from custom JAAS login m

    Nadas Vasile Newbie

      I have an ear made up of a jar with ejb's and a war file.

      Everything worked fine on previous jboss version (4.0.2, 4.0.5) but when changing to the new 4.2.1 GA for some reason the datasource lookup implemented in the custom login module returns a null datasource. I don't get any exceptions on deployment or lookup. Login module is called from a servlet in the web deployment.

      I lookup for the same datasource from the backend part of the application and here it works fine. I noticed that the wrapperMap inside the NonSerializableFactory which is instantiated when lookup is performed holds no entries when lookup is executed from the login module, like it would be executed from a different JVM.

      I can give more details on configurations of the datasource or the login module but what I find strange is that it works on previous app. server versions. I'm not a JNDI or JAAS expert but my guess is something was changed on the 4.2 versions and it affects the way the application used to work.

      Please let me know if anyone experienced same or similar problems and if you found the answer for the problem.