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    Having issues after upgrading from richfaces 3.0.1

    F S Newbie

      I've tried upgrading to several richfaces versions (3.1.x and 3.2.1) and I'm having a problem with an existing servlet in my web app.

      I'm using JSF 1.2 and JBoss 4.2.

      I have a very simple servlet that serves images to the client. The servlet url pattern does not match the url pattern for the Faces Servlet so this servlet should not be affected by rich faces or faces in general however once I upgraded richfaces versions it stopped working.

      The servlet is grabbing a buffered image and writing it to the outputstream and that is all it's doing:

      ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, ext, response.getOutputStream());

      However, it seems like somehow the outputstream is getting corrupted before it gets to the client. No errors or exceptions and debugging into the ImageServlet show it writing a buffered image to the outputstream.

      I assume it should be going through the Rich Faces servlet since it doesn't match the url pattern for Faces so why would adding the newer packages from RichFaces be affecting my servlet. As soon as I remove the richfaces jars and put in the older version the imageSerlvet works again.

      I'm at a loss. I even removed all my other filters and other servlets from my web.xml and only left the Faces Servlet and Rich Faces Servlet and my ImageServlet and it still happens.

      Any help is appreciated.