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    JNDI Problems with Cluster, Windows XP

    Hans-Michael Rupp Novice

      Hallo I am just trying to learn more about JBoss.
      I have a single Windows XP machine.
      JBoss 4.0.2.GA
      With a non-clustered setup I have never had any problems with JNDI. However when I try even the simplest application in a cluster (vertical, copied the all configuration two times and used the BindingManager in one of them), I cannot get a connection to the JNDI Service working.
      Both instances start up normally. In the the jmx-console I can see the HAJNDI.
      jndi.properties on the client side


      I get a
      at org.jnp.server.NamingServer.lookup(NamingServer.java:285)
      at org.jboss.ha.jndi.TreeHead.lookupLocally(TreeHead.java:296)
      at org.jboss.ha.jndi.TreeHead.lookup(TreeHead.java:215)
      at org.jboss.ha.jndi.HAJNDI.lookup(HAJNDI.java:155)
      at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Met

      The same with port 1099.
      The logs show nothing.
      When I switch back to a non-clustered application the jndi-Lookup on 1099 works normally.

      I really need a working testing enviroment to learn about JBoss clustering. Any help would be greatly appreciated.