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    3.2.2 CR1 problem with welcome-file

    Jason Gould Newbie

      I just downloaded and tried 3.2.2 CR1. A new problem appears now where my welcome-file for my application doesn't render properly. Here's an overview:

      I have the JSF filter mapped to *.jsf. The welcome-file-list in my web.xml has this:

      The file, home.jsp, has a couple of panels and a menu bar and some standard stuff and is assembled via tiles. It works fine if I reference it directly (ie. http://myurl/home.jsf). But if it is referenced via the welcome-file attribute (ie. http://myurl/) it is a mess. None of the components appear to render properly and I just end up with text, background color and images without page structure. I've used 3.2.0, 3.2.1 and 3.2.2B4 without this problem. So it appears to be new to 3.2.2 CR1.