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    Problem with HAJNDI in JBoss cluster

    Ali Gohar Newbie


      I am having issues in looking up the resources (Queues etc) in HAJNDI at port 1100 on localhost with my jboss servers split across a cluster spanning different networks (different subnets). We have jboss servers on each side of network and they are able to join a single cluster without any issue. JBoss and Java version is same on all servers, which is jboss-4.0.2 and java 5.

      When look up is performed on a non master node, it just hangs up. Whereas it works fine on a master node.

      Here is the network setup:

      we have 2 VLANs, separated by Cisco routers and the routers are using PIMv2 in sparse mode, with a Rendezvous Point configured on each side of the intersite link. Multicast routing between the vlans is handled by the routers. The routers can see the servers joining the multicast groups, and that is reflected in the servers on each vlan joining the same cluster, as shown in the log files.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thank you.