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    RMI over HTTP -- Invoker URL at runtime ?

    Sandeep Dhamale Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I have used http-invkoer.sar to use the RMI over HTTP for EJB communication.


      The problem is that I want to have diffrent customers using my application. If they connect directly to the IP then ther is no problem. But some of them do Client Side NAT.

      It is very important for me to have Client Connect URL to be determind/ Changed at the Applet VM level.
      I want to change this value depending upon what client is connecting whether NAT or direct.

      Hardcoding the InvokerURL does not work for me as I have mulitple clients connect to it.

      I need a solution which will allow me to form the URL's from the client end using NAT IP at the runtime; if this can be done the same JBOSS instance can be used by all clients - thos who NAT and those who do not NAT as well.

      Please suggest a way out if you have come across similar issue where you need to support many clients out of the same domain and some of them NAT the IP's on client side.

      Any help on this will be very much appreciated !!

      Thank you