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    Shared libs in EAR and global jndi namespace problem

    Joker Joker Newbie

      Dear Developers,

      I have a problem with registering remote Stateless bean in global jndi namespace. My deployment archive is EAR of the following structure

      - myejbs.jar (here is an implementation of Stateless bean
      public class SystemFacade implements AppFacadeRemote {...
      - mydtos.jar (here is a AppFacadeRemote interface)
      - myclient.war (here is an implemetation on SystemFacadeDTO which tries to lookup a SystemFacade).

      Problem: All session beans which are defined wihin myejbs.jar (implementations and interfaces) are registered in global jndi. Only SystemFacade is not. The only difference is that remote interface is packaged in a different jar. How can I solve this problem!!!