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    Session beans "automatically" disappear from JNDI Namespace

    Thomas Fichtenbauer Newbie


      We are currently using JBoss 4.0.2 (JDK1.5).
      When we start the server, all applications are deployed properly and all propagated Beans are visible in the JMX console (service=JNDIView; list()).

      After a "while" (a couple of hours) the server is still running but all propagated Beans in the global namespace have been disappeared mysteriously.
      The log-files were no real help - we only get errors after the beans have been "unbinded" (we get a NameNotFoundException in this case) but we could not detect a hint why all of our registered beans have been unbound, i.e. removed from the global JNDI namespace.

      We just want to know if this is a known problem or anybody can help us, respectively.

      Regards, Tom