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    How to view the jndi tree?

      hi like weblogic can we see all the bounded jndi names and all? if so how?

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          From a posting by jaikiran posted on : Sun Feb 17, 2008

          - Go to http://< server>:< port>/jmx-console (Ex: http://localhost:8080/jmx-console)
          - Search for service=JNDIView on the jmx-console page [ITS NEAR the top of the PAGE]
          - Click on that link
          - On the page that comes up click on the Invoke button beside the list() method
          - The page that comes up will show the contents of the JNDI tree.

          Search for your bean here and find out what's it jndi-name. The use it in your code during the lookup.

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               Using CLI, you can view jndi-tree like this



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              in DOMAIN mode, jBoss 7, it becomes, either:

              (you'll need to adjust to your names for the server groups, hosts, and servers)


              a) via the web admin console: http://localhost:9990/console/App.html#hosts/naming

              navigate to: RUNTIME >  Server Groups    >  main-server >  server-one    >  Subsystems >  JNDI View


              b) via jboss-cli (in <JBOSS-root>\bin) commands:




              c) via jconsole (in <JBOSS-root>\bin)

              use jBoss EAP CLI tab and connect to port 9990 (or some greater port number if you configured ports with an increment)

              build a command like: /host=master/server=server-one/subsystem=naming/:jndi-view

              and submit