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    Application Components and JNDI references

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      I am trying to work out how JBoss supports this part of the J2EE 1.3 spec (see end of post). Does JBoss support the concept of application components i.e. can I deploy an EAR file which makes use of a Datasource whose application resource name is AccountDS and configure it to use a component resource name of AccountCust1DS. Then deploy the same EAR file separately such that it uses a different component resource name of AccountCust2DS. The EAR file in both cases is identical and uses the application resource name of AccountDS.

      The following is from


      This change is reflected in a single paragraph that was added to the J2EE 1.3 specification, in section J2EE., "Declaration of Resource Manager Connection Factory References in Deployment Descriptor." The new paragraph says:

      A resource manager connection factory reference is scoped to the application component whose declaration contains the resource-ref element. This means that the resource manager connection factory reference is not accessible from other application components at runtime, and that other application components may define resource-ref elements with the same res-ref-name without causing a name conflict.