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    unable to connect to JBoss messaging using SSH port forwardi

    bodrin b. Newbie

      I have asked this on the JBoss Messaging forum, but it turns that here is right place. Two questions regarding http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12519 :

      1. Say that I have specified the secondaryBindPort and secondaryConnectPort at JBM server. Then in the client LAN say I have "jbmfake" host on which I set up three port forwardings:
      jbmfake: serverBindPort -> jbm: serverBindPort
      jbmfake: secondaryBindPort -> jbm: secondaryBindPort
      jbmfake: secondaryConnectPort -> jbm: secondaryConnectPort

      The question is how to configure the client jndi props and rmi props:





      2. The above seems to be the configuration when we have single node cluster. So what about two/three/... nodes in the cluster? Could secondaryBindPort and secondaryConnectPort be specified in
      \docs\examples\binding-manager\sample-bindings.xml ?
      Do I have to port forward for each node separately or a subset (like 1 node) is sufficient?