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    Jboss on multiple interface

    Ryan Sun Newbie

      We're running jboss 4.0.4 on a multihome linux device. The user can change
      the IP addresses anytime. We want to use https to access the JNDI. Here is
      my situation:

      there are 2 interfaces in my device:
      IP1 :
      IP2 :

      We setup Jboss to accept calls from both interfaces. Is it possible for
      jboss to return the correct jndi invoker url based on the connection? If the
      client is connected from IP1, the invoker url should be If the client is connected from
      IP2, the invoker url should be
      We've tried changing the config file in http-invoker.sar but cannot find a

      Second, is the invoker url constructed during the jboss startup process? One
      of our requirement is to allow user to change the IP anytime and we don't
      want to restart jboss everytime user make a change. Is is possible to config
      jboss to consturct the url on demand (i.e only when it's needed by the

      Thanks for your help.