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    JNDI  Entries Disappear Randomly in 4.2.3/4.3 (Bug?)

    TJ Thinakaran Newbie

      Problem Statement
      After a server is running for a while, JNDI entries will randomly disappear. This doesn't allow other JBoss servers to look up queues and topics.

      Problem Symptoms
      1. Clients will get random "ConnectionFactory" not bound errors (when they've already gotten that look up before.
      2. They will get a reference to ConnectionFactory, but will get Queue not bound errors. Again this is after it's already been working for a while.
      3. Any shutdown using shutdown.sh will result in RMIAdapter not bound errors forcing to do a kill -9 on the server process.

      Problem Resolution
      Restart server until the problem happens again.

      Where Help is Needed
      This is clearly a major issue. Our application is massively distributed with batch and online aspects. At any given time we have about twenty + clients (stand alone Java clients as well as Jboss servers) connecting to one batch-processor. They all queue batch requests to this server and things start failing smack dab in the middle of production (and the day). This problem has appeared in 4.3, 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 (we actually rolled back to 4.2.3 but for different reasons we can go into later). As I mentioned, restart of the batch processor fixes the problem.

      What makes this problem very hard to debug is that it happens after things have been running good for a while. Suddenly we'll get those errors, and from the client perspective it makes sense, because those JNDI entries are missing from the JNDIView JMX Bean.

      Can any body shed some light on this?