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    jboss 4 behind proxy server

    guy katz Newbie

      Hi all;
      in my network configuration I have a jboss server running on machine A. the application deployed on that jboss has an EJB/JMS business logic and a fat swing client that is deployed inside the ear that is downloaded via webstart.

      all communications with machine A must be done via a proxy server. in machine B, which I am trying to access machine A from, I have configured java to use that proxy server. when i download the client via webstart all HTTP communication goes through the proxy which is fine. however,upon the application startup i see that connection on ports 1099 (jndi), 8093 (jms) are trying to be opened directly to machine A and not through the proxy server.

      I searched the forum and could not an answer. I would greatly appreciate any help of reference to a document or something. i am not even sure its a jboss issue.

      thanks for your time.