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    JBAS51 and JDK6 - underscore characters in hostnames

    Simon Temple Newbie

      A bind name with an underscore character causes a java.net.MalformedURLException during startup.

      The sys admin doesn't want to change (correct!) the hostname, I don't really want to have to use the IP address.

      Java seems to have problems with hostnames that contain underscores: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6587184

      Could the JBAS code be changed to work around this issue?

      Is that a really dumb thing to work around?

      Should I insist that the sys admin change the hostname?


      Any and all comments appreciated.

      2009-07-09 14:11:32,477 ERROR org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController](main) Error installing to Start: name=jboss.remoting:protocol=rmi,service=JMXConnectorServer state=Create mode=Manual requiredState=Installed
      java.net.MalformedURLException: Bad URL path: _test/jndi/rmi://torrington_test:1090/jmxconnector
      at javax.management.remote.JMXServiceURL.validate(JMXServiceURL.java:348)
      at javax.management.remote.JMXServiceURL.(JMXServiceURL.java:208)
      at org.jboss.mx.remoting.service.JMXConnectorServerService.start(JMXConnectorServerService.java:127)