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    Default JNDI name changed after recompiling

    Ignacio de Cordoba Novice

      Hi there,
      I have just migrated an application from JBoss 4 and Java 5 to JBoss 5.1 and Java 6. It worked OK... my Stateless Session Beans had a remote JNDi name like:

      UserManager/remote (as all docs state is the default remote name). For some reason I had implemented @Remote both in the interface and in the bean class itself. That worked ok in JBoss 4 but JBoss 5.1 started giving problems when deploying so I removed @Remote from the bean and left it just in the interface (as it is supposed to be done).
      Now the standard bean JNDI name has changed from
      "UserManager/remote" to

      Is that normal? Anybody can give me any ideas on the reason for this?
      I have had to change the hardcoded standard lookup code in the clients or make xml deploying descriptors.

      Thanks for any help,