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    How do I enable JNDI for Mail service?

    D. Alvarado Newbie


      I just downloaded and installed JBoss 5.1 AS for Mac 10.5.6. I have a web application that I want to be able to use JBoss' email service. However, when I try and access "java:/Mail" like so

      return (Session) new InitialContext().lookup(getMailSession());

      I get the exception -- "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Mail not bound".

      This is the only thing that appears in my boot.log file. Can you help out with other troubleshooting steps? Thanks, - Dave

      15:08:51,216 DEBUG [ServiceConfigurator] MailService set to jboss:service=Mail in jboss.management.local:j2eeType=J2EEDomain,name=Manager