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    JBoss Portal usability

    Damian Harvey Newbie


      I'm new to the JBoss Portal but have worked with several other JSR168 Portals. I've noticed a few things about the JBoss Portal and I was hoping that someone (maybe from the Dev team) could explain :

      1. Why the JBoss Portal doesn't allow a user to add Portlets to their page? User Personalisation is one of the major benefits of Portals. The approach taken seems to have a lot in common with the PHP CMS systems (I realise that you're approaching it from Nuke). It would be useful if the Admin Portlet had functionality to allow for the creation of pages and the deployment of Portlets on them.

      2. The portlet state (maximise/minimise/normal) isn't intuitive and is quite different from how other Portals have implemented it. The JBoss Portal treats minimise by sending the Portlet back to the menu on the left and maximise as moving it to the main pane on the right.

      Am I missing something?