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    Access to url parameter from portlet API

    swissbison Newbie

      I need to replace an exisiting web application which uses url parameters in order to integrate external partners.
      As I understand the JSR168 specification, access to the url parameter is not supported anymore.

      Is it therefore imposible to "replace" the old webshop using portal/portlet technology?

      Does anybody have a suggestion on this issue?

      Greetings Paul

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          Woodler Expert

          Portlets are isolated from the http request. You'll have to think a bit about it, but the idea is that someone needs to start the 'chain of events'. In this case, you'd want a portlet to be the one. It would pass whatever params to itself with a render or action request. In that request, the params are available as render params, or action params.

          you could even 'bookmark' such a URL if you need to start this 'conversation' from outside the portal with a request like : portal/index.html?ctrl:id=window.default.HelloWorldPortletWindow&ctrl:type=action&param1=doSomething

          where the
          * ctrl:id points to the portlet you want to address, and
          * ctrl:type=action fires the action request, and
          * all other params on the URL (like param1=doSomething) would be action params available in the action request in the portlet code....