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    mamboserver and jbossportal

    niltza velasquez Newbie

      hello.................to everebody

      if I use mambo server (www.mamboserver.com) to creating my site
      there would be some type of connection between mambo and jboss portal?
      that is to say, that as it would be the form to join these two tools or it is not possible, because I see that you have a called folder "peeklime" in the portal-core.war and this image its a portal based in mambo, then I have the doubt of as it would be that type of connection, I hope understand my question and as far as possible it would thank for much that outside answered



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          Viet Master

          the peeklime directory used to host the famous theme from mambo software.

          otherwise there is no connection between the two products.

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            niltza velasquez Newbie

            my question went directed to that it is not very easy to obtain subjects themes that they work with jbossportal, because to change the subject that comes by defect it does not provide a quality portal and I thought that when using mambo server they were possible to be included portlets based in jbossportal.......you know of some site that already has been done in jbossportal
            or it wanted to know if I must make the site low CSS an JSP or that other programming languages allows to work
            thanks for the answer