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    Look & Feel in JBoss Portal

    Matt Klein Newbie

      Why does every module on JBoss.org use a different look&feel?

      I mean - the home page looks different than the blog which looks different than the forum which looks different than the Wiki.

      Is there no central template/skin/whatever mechanism that makes sure every page is rendered following certain set Design guidelines?



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          tnine Newbie

          Hi All,
          I had this question as well. I work with Java and JBoss regularly at my 9 to 5. For my small web site projects I do on the side, I've used mambo, a CMS system which is written in PHP. It utilizes templates to layout all of the content areas, as well as a common css so that every page looks the same. Has anyone done this with the portal? I will be starting my own project on the side soon, and I have listed some things I would like to accomplish.

          1. I will have one portlet that is an information portlet used by all groups.

          2. I will have another portlet that pulls information(probably via rss) that is relevant to that uses location or college affiliation.

          3. With the above two requirements, I would like to present a different look and feel for different groups. For instance, member of the Purdue University group will have a Purdue theme for the portlets. Members of the Indiana University will have an IU theme for the Portlets.

          Is what I have mentioned above possible? If so, I could contribute some doc as a howto/tutorial since I document as I code, but I need some help getting started.