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    Workflow in Portal

    Viet Master

      unfortunately, it is not planned fro right now but is mentionned in the next items of the roadmap

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Currently there is a rudimentary version of the jBPM webapp available.

          I'll try to make a portlet from the tasklist, processlist and taskform next week as an exercise. Since I'm not employed by JBoss I can only do this in my free time and not promise anything. otoh, since I'm not employed by jBPM and are willing to get paid by this customer to get this functionality implemented. ;-)

          Could you draw up a list of requirements?


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            Thomas Heute Master

            We started the jBPM webapp as a JSF application so it can easily be used both as a standalone webapp and a portlet.

            Kavitha, i heard many people saying that they "need workflow in the portal" but all of them have a different concept of what it means. In order to fulfill people's will i need to understand what you need, can you detail that ?

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              auré manga Novice

              What I need? me I need to implement a workflow in my portal in order to impose a specific way of traitement of tasks in my portal. I mean which user has to act on the task for the treatment of my process, in order to verify that the information are right and follow a process of creation of documents...


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                O Y Newbie


                I am trying to convert the jbpm webapp into portlets. There is no success yet. I am thinking maybe I have to write the portlets from scratch, instead of adjusting the existing webapp.

                The major problems are:
                1. JSF seems to be not working well within portal, maybe due to different scopes and contexts.
                2. JBPM has its own identity component, while in a portal environment we want of cause leverage the user-mgmt of portal. But the WF engine is writen for its own identity components. To solve this, i am thinking of using some trigers in the database to keep the jbpm tables updated whenever the user info changed in portal.

                I see you have made some efforts there, it will be appreciated if you could share some expierence on this topic. tks!

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                  Ronald van Kuijk Master

                  1: not realy... look at the jboss portal, lots of jsf in there
                  2: I would spent time to make the identity component a real service.

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                    O Y Newbie

                    Hi Ronald,

                    Many thanks for your quick reply! Sorry I was not able to follow up quickly myself.

                    But I could not quite understand your second point about making the identity comp. a real service. Do you mean the identity comp. of jbpm is not really in use in the 3.1.2 Version?

                    Thanks a lot!

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                      Ronald van Kuijk Master

                      no, it is in use, only not easily pluggable. jBPM requires (for its internal workings) a certain user/role/group model. External systems have to at least provide that model, so service wrappers, how map/wrap the existing model the customer already has to a model required by jBPM. This model is btw fairly similar to the model used by the portal and one of the todo items is to align those two.

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                        O Y Newbie

                        Hi Ronald,

                        Many thanks again!