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    Install from docs using defaults doesn't work

    Jon Brisbin Newbie

      JBos 4.0.2 (installed yesterday), WinXP (yuck, but I have to), Postgres 8 on SUSE 9

      I tried installing the latest jboss-portal, downloaded from sf.net, using the documentation both in the downloads and online (pretty much the same, I know). The portal service doesn't appear to be working because Hibernate is not deploying. Hibernate wasn't included in portal-postgres binary (just downloaded the source, will try that one, even though that's a heck of a lot of work just to try the darn thing out) and not mentioned anywhere in the docs as being a requirement.

      Please let me know if I should just stick with the sources or if I'm not reading the docs right or something. According to the docs, in a standard JBoss install, doing everything step by step (which I did), I should be testing by now, but I'm off somewhere in hinterland, trying to figure out yet another complex technology I don't have time to learn well enough to make work and support properly.

      Any help you can give me here would be greatly appreciated!

      Jon Brisbin
      NPC International