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    Deploy from sources fail!!

    Srini Gajula Newbie

      I have downloaded all the portal files and application server files listed on
      http://www.jboss.org/products/jbossportal#files. using RC1 version. I also tried downloading the same from link http://www.jbossgroup.com/?module=bb&op=viewtopic&p=3877126.
      When i tired to setup the example jbossportal using binaries it worked fine, but when tired the same using the sources the deployment failes.

      The build file generates files "jboss-portal.sar", "portal-cms.sar" portal-core.har so on, under core\output\lib directory, but when i try to deploy to server\default\deploy it fails with error "Access Denied". I see under
      jboss-portal.sar directory. jboss-portal.sar, a file is trying to replace a directory jboss-portal.sar. Is that how it supposed to happen? Any help regarding this is greatly appreaciated!!!

      Instructions that followed can be found at


      2.3.2. From the sources

      You will also need to put the jar file of your database connector in $JBOSS_HOME\server\default\lib.

      Make sure that JBOSS_HOME is still defined in the environment or it will not deploy.
      Finally, you can deploy JBoss Portal by going into the build directory and by typing build deploy. It will deploy JBoss Portal in the default configuration of JBoss.

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          echoi1975 Newbie

          did you check the permissions on your server folders?
          maybe your userid doesn't have write permissions to add files to the deploy folder?

          also when you drop the new sar files it'll try to replace the existing one and deploy.

          if you do a bin install you actually copy of the expanded sar file rather than just a single sar file...