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    How to movefrom struts MVC to portlets?

    ivan Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have been working with Struts combined with XDoclet
      for a while but I am
      considering using JBoss Portal and Portlets for our next
      development project.

      Can the experts suggest a roadmap to move from Struts development
      to portlets development? Should the MVC paradigm be maintained?
      Is there an equivalent to Struts with XDoclet support (and examples)?


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          Viet Master

          first, struts is not compatible with portlet unless you use the struts bridge with allow struts app to run within a portlet.

          this can be usefull if you want to reuse an application as it is. however you will not leverage portlet (like user preferences)

          if you start a new development, you really should not use struts as it is not natively compatible. for the MVC paradigm, my answer is that portlet provide already a implicit paradigm.

          There is no equivalent to struts so far, the only framework existing working in the portlet env is JSF.

          My advice is, start do to your application using just portlets and learn the API, then if you want learn JSF or come up with your own MVC framework leveraging portlet instead.