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    Webinar questions answered here

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      During the webinar there is a list of question we had no time to answer, we answer them in that topic :

      • Q: I am trying to develop a portlet , is the current release JSR 168 compliant

        All JBoss Portal release (2.0 Alpha,Beta and RC) are JSR 168 compliant.
        JBoss Portal 2.0 final will be JSR 168 compliant.

      • Q: Question: Will the '05 Alpha release support Java ServerFaces?

        Java Server Faces is not a portal feature it is a web framework that helps to design web applications. JSF relies on the fact that the portal is JSR 168 compliant so my final answer is yes.

      • Q: Does JBoss Portal provide content management functionality including index & search?

        JBoss Portal provides CM functionnality but indexing and searching has not yet been added.

      • Q: I am also want the portlet to capture asynchronous events from a CGI telephony server.Does portlet support JMS and MDB?How can I handle asynchronous events?

        Portlet are integrated in JBoss Application Server which supports the full J2EE specification, in particular JMS and MDB.
        In particular a portlet can be a JMS client and use queue or topic browsing.
        Then it is up to you to define your architecture using these components (Portlet and JMS) to create your solution.

      • Q: How are portal components versioned? In other words, is it possible there will be more than one version of a portal component running at a given point in time?

        Yes, you can create several instances of a portlet component. Each instance will hold a different parametrization.

      • Q: In regards to multiple portals, can they share individual portlets, or are do they have to be installed for each portal?

        Yes they can share it. One instance of a portlet can run in different portals.

      • Q: Do you know if the JBoss IDE project have support for JBoss Portal development/deployment (in Eclipse)

        This is not yet planned but there was some discussion on the topic at JBoss World that could

      • Q: Is jetspeed your base class for portlet?

        No, the base interface is the JSR 168 javax.portlet.Portlet

      • Q: Two more general question: 1. How easier to customize the JBOSS Portal for other customer business needs ? 2. Can you please explain how the portal licence works if we want to develop a product based on JBoss portal ?

        1. You can customize themes and layout easily (see the doc) and add your own business portlets.

        2. The license is LGPL (see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/lgpl-license.php) which basically means that you are authorized to distribute JBoss Portal. It is only if you modify JBoss Portal classes that You have to contribute back changes.

      • Q: Regarding the render phase, is caching of a portlet support on data that does not change often? So you don't have to re-run queries and re-populate tables, etc. everytime Render is called.

        Yes caching is supported. Cached fragment is invalidated when it expires or when processAction() is called.

      • Q: Is this also a open source project with NO licensing fee in development to production?

        You are free to distribute JBoss Portal and use it in all stages of your product lifecycle development/production.

      • Q:Please ignore my render phase question - its been answered on slide 26.

        Too late :-)

      • Q: Can we use Portal as a CMS and publish content to a public internet site? How that will be different from NUkes to Portal? Is there any workflow plans for the Portal?

        Yes you can use it to do that. JBoss Portal is really much powerfull that the old Nukes. We plan to add workflow for things like publishing documents.

      • Q: Will JBoss Portal run on any appserver?

        In the future yes, but this requires to wait JBoss Microcontainer which provides portability accross other app server.

      • Q: What version of JBoss is required for JBoss Portal 2.0DR?

        This version is pretty old, I don't advise you to use this one. It should run on JBos-3.2.6 as far as I recall.

      • Q: How will be single sign on addressed?

        SSO is already addressed. JBoss Portal uses servlet container authentication and so every solution integrating SSO with that works. In particular it comes by default with tomcat SSO (provide SSO accross all deployed web apps) and
        JBoss clustered SSO (same as tomcat but replicates the identity on the cluster)