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    JBoss Portal RC2

    Viet Master
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          echoi1975 Newbie

          hi,i tried deploying my portal war that was built on RC1 and redeployed on RC2 and came across a ClassNotFound on the RuleSet class when deploying the war.

          I did a delta on jars, and found that the commons-digester.jar found in tomcat's sar in the deploy directory does not exist in RC2, can you confirm that?

          so i copied over the commons-digester in RC1's tomcat sar directory to the same corresponding location in RC2.



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            echoi1975 Newbie

            forgot to add, that this was found in the AS4.0.2 + RC2 bundle zip..

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              echoi1975 Newbie

              there are also some other jars that are missing as well from the 4.0.2 + RC2 bundle, beanutils, collections, logging, etc.

              are they supposed to be there, I am coming across other classnotfounds as i add each additional jar to fix the classnotfounds that are being encountered when i deploy my war. should i be adding these to my war, are are the ones in tomcat5.0.sar supposed be in the tomcat5.5.sar in 4.0.2 AS?



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                Viet Master

                some jar have been removed from tomcat and some from jboss portal

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                  Roy Russo Master

                  I just downloaded and verified the bundled version. Everything is working out-of-the-box. Download it, unzip it, and run it.

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                    Andras Kerekes Newbie


                    I tried to install teh JBoss Portal, but I did not manage to do it, because I could not download the setup.ddl for MySQL and cms-content.xml files. Is there anyone, who knows how I can get these files?

                    Thanks a lot!

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                      Viet Master

                      these files are no longer needed because the portal create the tables on the fly when you install it and then it populates the tables.