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    Include HTML code

    Sok Sovattha Newbie

      How would you include HTML code into another HTML page ?

      The HTML page is stored in the webdav of Jboss Portal.
      I read the HTML pages via an url like http://localhost/webdav...
      And I have common files such as headers, footers to include into several HTML pages.

      Have an idea ?
      Could we for example use a JSP include, is the webdav enable to understand JSP and return me HTML code ?

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          not using webdav, there you could use the layout metaphore. Pages don't have markup per definition in the portal. Markup comes in via the layout (jsp or servlet), and the portlets. All pages of a portal use the same layout, so the markup would automatically be shared across all your pages. If you need another layout for a particular page, you can specify that in the page descriptor (-pages.xml , or -portal.xml) . But, as I said before: this is currently not using webdav.
          I guess to use the content from the CM, you'd use a taglib on the layout JSP that queries CM (via WebDAV) to get the content. Perhaps you could even use a porlet to get that content from CM......

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            Sok Sovattha Newbie

            If I do not use webdav, where would I store my HTML code ?

            I did not think about using a page layout generated by the portal. I will have
            a look on how to do this, beginning with the -pages.xml and -portal.xml files...
            OK to use a taglib that queries the CMS to get the content and include it.