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    JBoss Portal - Does it do Full Fledged Content Management

    Raj Raj Newbie

      I am very new to Content Management in general and JBoss Portal in particular.

      My company wants to do Web Content Management and prefers open source and hence i am exploring this. I have a few doubts:
      1) Is Nukes on JBoss the right product to use or Does JBoss Portal can provide COntent Management as well
      2)Also, I have been looking for some documentation which is more simplistic in terms of how to do Content Management using JBOss products...the details i am looking for :
      a) Which product to use
      b) What are the prerequisite softwares
      c) Some sample examples.
      d) Also a demo in flash / power point if possible would be great....

      Looking forward to an early response from whoever can help....