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      "Corporate Developer" wrote:
      I have been evaluating JBoss Portal for a couple of weeks and a have a few recommendations.

      1.) Concentrate on building the Portal Server and Layout components - FORGET THE FORUM's portlet. Most corporate users of this system will be interested in figuring out if they can 'easily' build a Portal from this product.

      It's already the case, not much efforts were put into the forum's portlet (just a port from the Nuke's module) all the efforts are going into the core, WSRP.... The forum portlet is just enough not to have an empty shell. (How could we show the portal with no portlet, we are all fed up with basic portlets that do nothing but display "Hello world") People want to see content, and so they have.

      "Corporate Developer" wrote:
      2.) The documentation needs a lot of work. In fact, the documentation is so bad in so many places that you should really consider changing the release name back to alpha.

      Yes the documentation still need some work, and training are coming for the portal. Documentation's release name depends on the product's release name. The documentation explains what is specific to JBoss Portal.

      "Corporate Developer" wrote:
      From the documentation, I have been able to figure out how to install the portal, however, what next? How do I establish a development and deployment process for building my own portal that consists of my portlets, pages, etc.?

      Did you read the user guide and developer guides ? It explains how to specify your pages and define a portal. To actually write portlets, we don't give tutorials so far as there are plenty on the web. We focus on JBoss Portal specific details as of today.