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    RC2/3 doesn't work in redhat 9.0

    peter Apprentice


      I just check out RC2 and RC3 from cvs and followed the instructions of user guide to compile and deploy JP.

      Because i want to change the context root to "/" and port to 80 . I did following changes before build scripts.

      (1)change the tomcat server.xml file for port 80.
      (2)change the ./core/src/resources/portal-core-war/WEB-INF/web.xml for http://localhost:80/webdav/files
      (3)change the local.properties file under build directory for context root "/".

      Then run build.sh deploy and build.sh datasource and copy jboss-postgresql-ds.xml file to deploy directory. Everything seems smooth and no error.

      After jboss AS startup, there is no error.

      But when i access http://localhost/

      the page displayed is not the portal page. But the "JBoss Online Resources" and "JBoss Management" is displayed.

      What happend?

      thanks very much!