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    CMS editing html

    David Milward Newbie

      I've got the main portal working ok using the embedded forums download, however I've got one "minor" problem (so far) :

      I am using the adminCMS tool provided.

      If I try and embed a "mailto:emailaddress" in a web page the portal inserts "/portal/auth/default//" in the anchor - hence destroying the "mailto" tag. I've attempted to do this using cut and paste to no avail. Is there anyway I can turn off this "feature".

      what I want :

      <a href="mailto:david@somewhere.com">David</a>

      what I get :
      <a href="/portal/auth/default//mailto:david@somewhere.com" target="_blank">David</a>

      The irritating thing is that it works correctly when I press "preview" in the adminCMS editor provided - the page comes up and clicking the link brings up my email client - yet the same page in the portal goes nuts!!!

      Help most appreciated - thanks in advance