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    How can I customise UserPortlet Profile / Registration ?

    Stuart Sim Newbie


      I wish to use JBoss portal as the basis for a new project I am working and have a "default" copy up and running and have create a few demo portlets.

      However as part of the design I will need to significantly modify the registration screen within the UserPortlet to remove items such as "MSN ID" and "Skype ID" as these are inappropriate for our application and we would also like to add some custom attributes specific to our application.

      I have done a lot of searching on the web and on this forum but cannot see any mention of being able to customise / add to the user attributes used by a portal and also am not sure how I might go about modifying UserPortlet for our needs.

      Has anyone else done this ?, is it possible to extend the user attributes?, can I get hold of any source code / javadocs / a list of standard user attributes available, for UserPortlet?. Im very surprised that others have not had a requirement to do this tyre of thing.

      Does anyone have any advice?.

      Best Regards,