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    Wayne Williams Newbie

      Where can I find some good portlets? I read somewhere that Novell had created a large number of Portlets and was donating them to the JBoss Portal Project. Seems the real promise of a Portal Server is realized only when there is a critical mass of Portlets available.


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          Woodler Expert

          Sorry, the Novell portlets are still not there.
          We do have a large list of portlets that we will be donating, BUT ;) right now these portlets are not 168 compliant, and we need to rewrite them. There are some key migration issues that need to be resolved first, and nobody has found the time to do it yet. Lame, I know, but we're working on it.

          I agree with your assessment: a Portal without a decent set of portlets isn't much of a portal.

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            Wayne Williams Newbie

            Thanks for the information. Looking forward to your Portlets. In the meantime any suggestions on Portlet sources? I was wondering if it made sense to grab Portlets out of Liferay since it's also JSR-168. They have a decent list of Portlets.