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    JBoss and Slide

    K K Newbie

      We are using JBoss 401 and the default server. We have a webapp running on this server using LDAP to authenticate. We are using Slide within this webapp to upload files and it is also using LDAP to authenticate for its connection (actually it is hardcode to a single LDAP user right now when it gets the Slide connection b/c I have not figured out how to do single sign on for the webapp and slide).

      There seems to be a lot of discussion in this group on this subject. I would like to use the same user/credentials (single sign on) for both logging in to my webapp and the slide connection since they are both using LDAP and no user wants to have to enter their information twice.

      Can this be done?
      Has anyone done this?
      Can I do it using only JBoss or do I need the JBoss Portal?
      Any suggestions?