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    Customization of User Portlet

    Alexander Grünewald Newbie


      how do i customize the registration and login process of JBoss Portal? I want at least give customers more feedback during registration. It would be very nice if the login portlet could be customized to look like this:

      Username: _____________
      Password: _____________
       | Login |
      No account?
      Click <a>here</a> to register.

      Alter submitting a request for registration, there should be a message displayed to
      the new user, with a notification that he has to trigger account activation by responding
      to the email send by the portal:

      Your account has been created. However, this website requires account activation. An activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you have provided. Please check your e-mail for further information!

      Also the email text should be customizable:

      Dear Mr. Zurk,
      thank you for your interest. Your registration data
      have been stored. Please click on the following link
      to register finally.
      <link>here is the link<link>
      This email was generated automatically.

      After the customer has activated it's account also a website should be displayed, that informs the customer that the registration process succeeded. For instance this text,
      which should also be customizable:

      Thank you for your interest. Your account has now been activated. Please login and check out the services.

      Could this be done with JBoss Portal? Do i have to use the User Portlet therefor? Do i have to hack/modify the User Portlet source code? Do i have to write my own Login/Registration Portlet? I think this all could be achieved in a very generic way, that allows very much customization.

      Another question of mine is: Where do i configure the email system of JBoss Portal? The User Portlet doesn't send a verification email, so i am asking me, where do i configure the mailhost and mail port?

      I think, registration and login are core features of a portal so it is very important that they are highly customizable. Thanks for your time.