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    Hibernate slide store

    Viet Master

      I have integrated in the branch 2.0 the work done by Boleslaw, it is the hibernate based slide store implementation.

      It is set as default store in 2.0, it is a bit slower on startup because slide boot procedure goes many times to the store and the access time to the database store has latency and is slower.

      Nevertheless the database store offer more

      - reliability and slide has a cache to avoid unnecessary round trips.
      - easy configuration
      - hibernate portability on many databases

      It is available in the branch 2.0 : cvs co -r JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_0 jboss-portal-2.0

      The first release to have it will be 2.0.1 RC1, the first maintenance release of jboss portal that is scheduled this month.

      Thanks for the good work Bolek