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    Questions on Webinar Answers

    vinkh Newbie

      Julien, You had mentioned the below points :

      > JBoss Portal provides CM functionnality but indexing and searching has not yet been added.

      > We plan to add workflow for things like publishing documents.

      May i know when approximately we could expect these?. atleast rough plans.

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          Viet Master

          our mind on this : JBoss Portal does not aim to be a full fledged CMS because it is not the primary goal of the portal. In addition we are years behind the big fat real CMS.

          However we want to provide a basic CMS (it is relative of course) yet sufficient for the needs of most of deployments.

          Considering the development, we are improving the current CMS structure to provide a more robust and leveraging JCR spec. The functionnalities we want to add are a better support of internationalization (i.e a document can exist in several languages).

          Simple workflow is a basic CMS feature and would be implemented after 2.2, probably 2.4 with jBPM.

          The target date for 2.2 is november, 2.4 should is targetted for Q1/06 probably at the end of the quarter.