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    Per-page layout strategy

    Woodler Expert

      check the portal-pages.dtd.

      in the page definition, you can specify the layout to use , which will overwrite the layout defined for the portal.


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          Bill Krueger Newbie

          I realize this is in response to an older posting. I'm using the packaged portal 2.0/as 4.0.2. I have looked all over, and I can not find a portal-pages.dtd. This is actually the only place on the net that I have found a reference to it (via google search).

          Where is this file in the source distribution. Has this feature been removed? There is also a reference to this per-page layout strategy in a Portal 2.2 PowerPoint I found, which leads me to believe it is still around.

          I would have assumed that the dtd for the *-pages.xml files would be the same as the section of the *-portal.xml file (minus the <portal-name> tag of course), but the <layout-name> element definitely does not appear in portal_2_0.dtd.

          thanks much

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            Bradley Smith Master

            Download a copy of the JBoss Portal source (any version 2.0 or higher) - you can find the layout DTD (and others) at:


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              Bill Krueger Newbie

              Apologies for failing to mention this. I am running the packaged version, but I have the latest jboss-portal-2.0-src file. In the search I did (referenced in my original message), I looked in the exact location you specified. The following is the list of DTDs at that location:


              The DTD referenced by Martin in his original response is portal-pages.dtd. I can not find that file. Again, this posting is the only reference to it I have found on the entire Internet.

              If <layout-name> is supported in *-pages.xml files, then I would also assume it's supported in *-portal.xml under the section.

              I'm just trying to confirm that this is correct, and a DTD for the *-pages.xml files would be a good validation of this. Any idea where that file is located? I definitely don't have it in the binary or src distributions I've downloaded (all w/in the past week).

              thanks much