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    Force WAR Redeployment

    Patrick Dalla Bernardina Apprentice

      How to force redeployment of WAR?

      I want to implement some online configuration of portal and page deployment descriptions and after the edit is made it has to be redeployed.

      How can I do that?

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          Viet Master


          the straightforward way to do that is through the JMX api, there is the jboss.system:service=MainDeployer which has two operations :

          - Collection listDeployed() which returns a list of org.jboss.system.deployment.DeploymentInfo objects, each object having an URL attribute you can use to locate your deployment

          - redeploy(URL url) or redeploy(String) which force a redeploy of the specified archive, you can locate your archive URL by using the listDeployed() operation