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    CMS Portlet Features in Future Releases

    Mike Cantrell Newbie

      We're evaluating JBoss Portal to replace an existing Portal (Jetspeed) with some custom CMS portlets that we've built. It doesn't appear that the current JBoss CMS will support most of the options that we need but I'd like to find out a little more about where it's headed in future releases.

      I see that 2.2 is going to be built around a JSR 170 implementation which is great. That should satisfy our requirements for versioning, searching, etc. My main concern is workflow and customization. We have certain workflow requirements like content email notification, content approval, content expiration. We also need to be able to have a customizable amount of fields that can be associated with the data uploaded (title, description, news, etc.). For instance, users can enter a 'News' blurb with their uploaded content and that blurb will appear in a News portlet elsewhere in the site.

      Is JBoss working towards making a more extensible CMS system that would fullfil these requirements or would we be better off re-writing our current CMS portlets to JSR168 and a JSR170 implementation like Apache's Jackrabbit?