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    SpringFramework Example

    Ron Jawanda Novice

      I got the spring framework example working.
      I don't really understand it.
      I read the docs about spring framework and it applies to jboss but I just can't figure it out.
      Does anyone have an example where you enter data on a form
      and show the results on the next page.

      ie: the example is somewhat funny.
      They start by listing products and then you press a button to increase the price.
      I am looking for a straight forward form where you can enter values.
      lets say:


      Then you press a button and show what the user entered.

      I have been trying for a long time and I sort of get it but not quite.

      My questions are:
      what does formBackingObject do and where do I read about this in the docs.
      What is a modelMap.

      Why do I need a model Map.

      I know I do but it is terribly confusing.
      Any help or suggestions (please dont say get a different job) would be much appreciated.

      Jboss portal 2.0

      Spring frameworks ( the download example version)

      Linux Mandrake. 10.1

      Thanks a million t o anyone that answers.