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    dynamic drag and drop

    Grzegorz Matuszewski Newbie

      I'm trying to create dynamic drag and drop support. When I define drop support in .jsp it works ok. Every time method processDrop is invoked in the same instance managed bean - what is expected of an session managed bean.

      .jsp sample

      <rich:panel binding="#{bean.panel}">
      <rich:dropSupport action="#{bean.drop}" acceptedTypes="all" reRender="table" dropListener="#{bean.processDrop}"></rich:dropSupport>

      But when I declare drop support in java code then every time the processDrop method is invoked in a different instance of managed bean.

      .jsp sample:
      <rich:panel binding="#{bean.panel}"/>

      managed bean code
      class Bean implements DropListener {
       private HtmlPanel panel;
       public HtmlPanel getPanel(){
       return panel;
       public void setPanel(HtmlPanel panel) {
       if (this.panel == null){
       // create drop support for the first reload
       this.panel = panel;
       } else
       this.panel = panel;
       public void processDrop(DropEvent event) {

      What am I doing wrong?