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    How to write *-portal.xml - files ?

    Thomas Völklein Newbie

      Hi !

      I still try to create my own layout and a own portlet instance.

      I defined a my own helloworld-portal.xml file.

      If i delete all between , the portlet instance is running.
      But if i copy paste the default properties, i get this exeption:

      13:09:54,970 WARN [InvocationImpl] Cannot find default window CMSPortletWindow in portal helloworld
      13:09:55,000 INFO [STDOUT] Initializing web-app from stream with InputStream.
      13:09:55,611 INFO [STDOUT] WURFL has been initialized
      13:09:55,681 ERROR [CoreServlet] Exception caught in processing servlet
       at org.jboss.portal.core.theme.strategy.StrategyFactory.createStrategyContext(StrategyFactory.java:55)


      Seems that JBOSS doesn't like that i deleted "CMSPortletWindow" in the page declaration in the same file.

      But there have to be a way not to use CMSPortletWindow, right ?

      my properties read as the following:

       <!-- Set the default window for request of the type /a/b/c -->
       <!-- Set the layout for the default portal -->
       <!-- see also portal-layouts.xml -->
       <!-- <value>nodesk</value> -->
       <!-- <value>CarStoreLayout</value> -->
       <!-- set the default render set name (used by the render tag in layouts) -->
       <!-- see also portal-renderSet.xml -->
       <!-- <value>emptyRenderer</value> -->
       <!-- set the default strategy name (used by the strategy interceptor) -->
       <!-- see also portal-strategies.xml -->


      Where can i find some information about writing *-portal.xml files ?

      JBOSS portal 2.0 final reference guide and user guide don't say a word about the properties tags in the *-portal.xml file.