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    Page redirection based on user role and customized authentic

    Madhu Pocham Newbie


      Actually in form based authetication, user authentication can be done only if we access the restricted resource. But I want to authenticate the user by using my customized username and password feilds. After authetication if i access the protected resource, then It won't again ask for athentication.

      By using that authetication information I want to redirect the user to the pages, based on the role user has. Suppose If user has admin role then have to redirect to the adminPage(for example) which has 4 portlet windows. If user hasn't admin role then have to redirect to the userPage(for example) which has 3 portlet windows. adminPage and userPage are included in default-portal.xml file.

      How is it possible? Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.