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    How to build Portal

    Jacek Laskowski Newbie


      Just to make sure I'm doing it properly, does the ant -f build/build.xml command build JP?

      The question stroke me right after having noticed that the build/build.xml file contains "Nukes (The OpenSource CMS) Build File" whereas server/build.xml does "JBoss Portal (The OpenSource Portal) Build File", but keeps failing.

      An aside question, what mailing list do the commit messages go?


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          Roy Russo Master

          Ignore the Nukes comment, it was left over from our old build structure from the Nukes CMS.

          We don't recommend you build the modules independently. We do while we are developing and testing, however. So to build it all, do

          build/build main
          , and it will compile all modules.

          Otherwise, you are trying to build the server module, and it may be failing as it has dependencies with other modules that have not been built.

          Commit messages get forwarded to: jboss-cvs-commits@lists.sourceforge.net You can sign up on this page: http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=22866, but you will have to filter emails, as ALL JBoss project commits go there.