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    portal core build warning

    noleme Newbie

      I rebuilt the portal from the sources and the portal core part gives this warning...

      [execmodules] Sep 15, 2005 6:15:23 AM xdoclet.XDocletMain start
      [execmodules] INFO: Running
      [execmodules] WARNING: Some classes refer to other classes that were not found a
      mong the sources or on the classpath.
      [execmodules] (Perhaps the referred class doesn't exist? Hasn't been ge
      nerated yet?)
      [execmodules] The referring classes do not import any fully qualified c
      lasses matching these classes.
      [execmodules] Since at least one package is imported, it is impossible
      for xjavadoc to figure out
      [execmodules] what package the referred classes belong to. The classes
      [execmodules] D:\jboss-portal-2.0-src\core\src\main\org\jboss\portal\core\portle
      t\cms\admin\security\AdminCMSModelContentProvider.java --> Job qualified to org.

      Is this a problem or can it be safely ignored ?