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    JBoss Portal versus Zope

    Naresh Kumar Agarwal Newbie


      I am a researcher from Singapore. I need to evaluate JBoss Portal and Zope for use in a university module.

      I'd be grateful if you could kindly help me answer these (possibly w.r.t. both JBoss Portal and Zope), or from the perspective of JBoss Portal.

      1. Are they portal framework?
      2. Can they be used to deploy Java web application? Concept of portlet exists?
      3. User management. Do they have APIs to query user information from third part software?
      4. web service capable. This is for interoperability across different programming languages
      5. portal development ? can they be used to create portals?
      6. application integration ? can be they used to integrate 3rd party software applications?

      Thank you so much.

      Warm regards,